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If you want to lose weight, reduce your percentage of fat, gain muscle, improve your fitness, your health or quality of life, Dani will help you achieve your goals through a training program specifically designed for you, respecting its limits and preferences. Follow this section the achievements of some of Dani's students how she contributed to this success and be inspired:


I am not the gym kind of person, so my wife had to insist a few times for me to go try having gym classes with Dani. She finally convinced me and there I went, not sure about what I would find. This happened almost 2 years ago and I have been training with Dani since then!
Being a non-gym kind of guy, I like Dani’s one on one approach with a dedicated coach and gym, that helps me feel relaxed and not in a competition mode like I used to feel on a gym academy environment. This way, she also dedicates all her attention, to ensure each exercise is performed properly without hurting anything and moving the right muscles.
Dani is a great knowledgeable professional who knows how to make the training interesting and challenging at the right level, making me really exercise, and always pushing me in a fun way to go one step further. Every class she comes up with a different set of exercises, so I don’t get bored. She is always encouraging me and reinforcing that I can make it, so I feel challenged in a way that is not overwhelming and that makes me feel good about each training and also the results. I feel more energetic and also strong what is a really great feeling.
Thanks, Dani!!!


“Dani really motivates me to push myself and let me see that I can achieve more than I thought I was able to do.”​


"Dani has been kicking my butt in the gym for over a year. I always get a great workout, customized to protect my weak back."


​“Dani is very charismatic and dedicated Professional that loves her work and does it extremely well!! Exercises are part of my daily routine to keep up with my pilot's schedule, filled up with night flights. I feel completely reenergized after each and every time I step into her studio. Congrats Dani!! Keep up the great work .”​


“I finally unlocked my potential and Dani was the key. She has been a wonderful coach, she's a motivation and inspiration to any person who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle, she's a high energy trainer and truly cares about each client. I lost weight, gained muscle, feel confident, healthier and stronger thanks to my beautiful trainer. Love you Dani“


“It's great to train in a private studio with a dedicated one-on-one personal trainer focusing on an individually designed training programme. Dani is a truly excellent trainer,she is the perfect combination of tough and warm. She is passionate about fitness and it shows though the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She makes each workout challenging,creative and FUN! Thank you Dani,you are the best!”


"What makes Dani the best trainer is not only her great amount of knowledge. Its her hability to make you feel that you want it. That you are strong enough, that you are worth it & that quitting is not even imaginable. She is an inspiration."


"Training with Dani has been an adventure for me. Because I need someone to motivate me and without her, I would have never been where I am now. I got rid of my laziness and some weight. To me, she's the best trainer and a really amazing friend. I'm really glad I found her! Love you Dani!"


"I started working out with Dani Klein at the end of March 2013, at 15 years old, almost 16. The first two classes Dani taught me were hard, because I had never really worked out before. I walked out of the first two classes more sore than I've ever been in my life, but it felt good. I've always wanted to make a change in my life and looks, since I was never the smallest person in my school. In the three months that I worked with Dani before summer, the change that I and others saw was amazing! My arms and legs became more defined, more muscular than fat, and my stomach was tightening. I can feel the abs that I had waaaay under my skin starting to surface and harden, all thanks to Dani. Without her, I would still be fluctuating with my weight and feeling bad and insecure with my body. I still have even more work to do to get my dream body, but I will continue working with Dani and on my own time in order to achieve it. If you're looking for a trainer in Shenzhen, China, look no further than Dani Deschamps, because she will give you the help you need to sculpt the body you want."


"I met Dani Klein during a very special moment in my life. I had just recently moved to China and was looking for new ways to improve my life (health wise). I was looking for something special to me, to change my life habits and become healthier and more active. Dani was a great incentive and suport on my new life style. Before I met her I never thought of exercising as fun or pleasurable,  I simply  thought that it wasnt for me. Furthermore,  I never thought I would be able to change my sedentary ways. I never liked sports or voluntarily got up to exercise, I always saw it as an obligation,  a requirement to keep my weight. Nobody was more surprised than me to see that I was mistaken. Training with Dani is not just about the exercises, its fun and encouraging. Im able to see how much im improving on a daily basis.personal training haven't only changed my body but its changed my attitude about exercising. I used to constantly say "I can't do it!" and now I say "yes! I CAN do it!"she is constantly increasing the intensity and weights and exercises and im proud to see that im able to keep up and do it all. Dani treats every client with so much patience and respect, giving you the knowledge and confidence to do things right. I can always count on her to improve my life. At the end training turns out to be fun! We talk, we laugh, we confine on each other and ALWAYS get the work done. Its been a privilege and an honor to train with Dani and to get to know her as a person.  Training has thought me that doing something for your body and your health can be pleasurable and fun. I always come back feeling like a new person, happy and confident. Thank you Dani."

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